How much water should you consume every day?

Water is said to be the main source of energy thus it is very important for every human being to exist. Your body survives only because of water and this will occupy 50 to 70% of your body’s weight. Every tissue, organs, and even the cells will need water supply so that they will properly…

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What are the pros and cons of olive oil to hair?

Olive oil is a good source for every human being there some people will make use of them as a face mask while some of them will apply them to their scalp region. This only oil will give you a lot of benefits to the health of your hair and also this will give good…

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Does vitamin deficiency have the ability to cause thinning of hair?

Vitamins are very important for your body growth and also to be healthy. Vitamins are available in many forms but it is your responsibility to intake them at a proper time and also knowing about the importance of it before consuming is very important. There are many chances for vitamin deficiency because thinning hair where you will…

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