How Layered Hairstyles Can Make You Look Younger

Looking to turn back the clock with your hair? Layered youthful hairstyles over 50 might be just what you need. By adding layers, you can create a dynamic, fresh look that not only frames your face beautifully but also adds volume and movement. It’s a simple yet effective way to breathe new life into your appearance and embrace a style that feels both modern and timeless.

Prepare Hair For Cutting

If you opt for a rounded layered haircut, obviously you can get free of any product with your hair. But that does not have to mean newly washed. It is also easier for a barber to see hair unwashed in its natural state.
Thus, someone who is wearing the scissors will get a better image of, and cut the hair accordingly.

Prepare Hair

Basic steps for preparing hair for cutting

Shampoo and shake your hair

Shampooing your hair before any styling is necessary to remove unknown hair residues. But remember to make it conditional. Conditioning is important because it quickly releases your hair from the angles and makes your hair easier to handle. It is also necessary because it can add protection to your hair by styling heat. Heat is one of the main hair damage causes. Nevertheless, it takes heat to shape your hair.

Remove the excess water with a towel from your hair

You should dry it for some time. Apply a protective cream on your hair afterwards. Distribute well between roots and tips. This protects your hair against heat.

Completely blow-dry the hair

Sectional blow-drying can help to produce the desired results. Act one part at a time on them. If you keep your hair with a clipper, your job is quicker. Using a red brush to smooth the strands and break them as you dry them.

Prepare Hair

When it is cleaned, peel the hair with a large toothpaste

Release the tangles gently. When you use a conditioner, the tangles go straight away. Apply curling wax and group your hair together into pieces. Leave the part you want to work free of charge. Apply a heat safety spray to avoid burn before curling with your ionic curling iron.

Using smaller pieces at a time when curling

Hair curls faster in this way. Curling wax reduces the time for curling. Do not leave the iron for more than 8 seconds on your hair. They should not be hard because of the wax and the iron you use.
Do not peel your hair right after the curling process is finished. This will waste your efforts. If you
want to make the curls a little smoother, use your hand to loosen them.


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