What are the pros and cons of olive oil to hair?

Olive oil is a good source for every human being there some people will make use of them as a face mask while some of them will apply them to their scalp region. This only oil will give you a lot of benefits to the health of your hair and also this will give good nourishment. At the end of the day, you will be left with the same moisturizing condition in your hair.

The main source of olive oil is that this will remove the dust that is getting attached to the pores by not letting the nutrition to get inside. Olive oil completely contains monounsaturated fat. There are many advantages and disadvantages of olive oil for hair do you know about them you can keep continuing.


If you apply olive oil for hair, you will be able to experience the comfort they provide you and you can feel the health that you are obtaining.

apply olive oil

This will make your whole being hydrated and do not make the dust to get deposited.

After the application of olive oil, you can feel your skin to be in a softer way where this will also not make any acne on your face.


The main disadvantage of it has you will not be able to find them everywhere which means the real product.

health of hair

You need to search a lot to find the best product, which does not cause you any sort of side effects.

The cost of it will be high so you will need to spend a little more to buy them.

Final thoughts

These are some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages in making use of the olive oil to your skin or into your hair region to make them healthier.


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